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Highlights of choosing IPN-RN service

To hospitals and health facilities:

   We design the best nursing education routines

   for international students.


  • Make sure our international students receive the RN/LVN licensure. 

  • Ensure the quality of education and the professionalism of RN/LVN.

   Our students are hardworking and passionate

  • We select the most sophisticated, aspirant, and hardworking international nurses to join our nursing family.


To nurses:

   Good education in U.S.

  • Apply for good nursing programs in US college or university 

  • English ability enhancement (reading, writing, speaking)

  • TEAS/ Pre-requisite courses/ NCLEX-RN/LVN exam preparation

  Great working environment with high salary

  • We match RNs/LVNs with health facilities which have good compensation and working environments in the US.

  Help with immigration process

  • Help apply for permanent worker visa sponsorship (EB3), and green cards.

  "Nanny service" throughout journey

  • We accompany our nurses through every step of the journey to the United States.



 Success Path 


Apply for US nursing programs which suit our students the most. 

  • one on one discussion

  • bespoke service

Help receive F-1 student visa 

  • Help students apply I-20 (for students who already study in the US, we help transfer I-20)

  • US visa officer interview training

  • Pass rate 95% 


Help register for NCLEX-RN exam

  • require 7-8 months to apply

  • Receive Authorization To Test rate 90%

Help refer students who received RN/PN licensure to US health facilities

  • only refer to facilities which able to offer H1B visa

  • success rate 100%


Student start to work in the US and wait for the green card

  • assist applying for green card

  • success rate 95%

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