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About Us //


IPN provides nurses(now), physicians(before), and hospitals with specific resources and Global network connections. 


We devote  to help nurses from all over the world to become outstanding RN nurses in U.S., and helps resolving the nurse shortage in America after Covid-19 swept the world.

Since 2013, IPN worked hard to meet the demands of physicians around the world. We help them to travel the globe to educate, inspire and to develop a physician network.


Now we focus on bringing international nurses to US to meet the demands of hospitals and healthcare facilities. We also transfer students to nursing programs, who already study in the US, even other newcomers who may be interested in the med industry.


It only makes sense for someone in the healthcare community to offer an objective and informative solution,  and to answer some of the questions. IPN has positioned itself to become a leader in this unique market by establishing partnerships with World renowned hospitals and ambitious nurses around the world to join our network.


The social environment and technology has accelerated the ability for hospitals, nurses and physicians to take advantage of this global stage that has become smaller and more assessable.


In our humble opinion IPN offers the turn key solution for both nurses and hospitals that see this as a unique opportunity.


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