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If I completed bachelor degree in my country, may I transfer my courses to US nursing schools? 


Yes, you will be able to transfer some general courses to the US nursing school to fulfill some prerequisite course requirements.


How much does it cost for US nursing school?

  • It depends on which program you are looking for. Most students need to have at least $24000 in their bank account in order to apply for nursing schools and receive i-20 form.


How Do I Apply for nursing program?

Please contact us at 1-626-586-3943 or email to speak with a representative to assist you in your application.

What are the lengths of the programs?


  • ADN/BSN Nursing program :24-48months

  • LVN program :9-13months

  • ABSN (accelerated BSN): 3 years


When is the Deadline to Apply?


US nursing school's deadlines are different depending on the specific program, some open enrollment every 2 semesters, some open every quarter. Please contact us with your academic demands and we will make plans for you.


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