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Nursing Schools

  • Schools listed here are in Southern California, USA. 

Azusa Pacific University

                                             No.1 in the 10 best colleges for nursing in California                    


      -  A nationally ranked nursing school.

     - one of the best nursing schools in southern California.

     - Students can experience multiple clinical facilities such a leading research-based centers,

      teaching hospitals, and other community health centers through out the curriculum. 

     - Students have access to the newest technology such as simulators and virtual patients. 

     - As a key characteristic of Christian faitth ,students are encouraged but not required to           

       examine the connection between the Christian faith and their nursing career.

     - Students are encouraged to acknowledge the concept of spiritual care, which would better

       impact patient's lives positively.



        The BSN degree in nursing in APU is accredited by California Board of Registered Nursing


        APU NCLEX-RN average pass rate: 80%

        Average early salary for APU nursing graduates: $67,000

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Citrus college   
                                    Long history ADN Nursing program since 2007      

- The program believes a good nursing education is built on concepts relating to the individual, health/illness, the environment, and nursing (which includes nursing education, teaching and learning)

- The purpose of the program is to educate students for entry level RN positions in a multicultural health care settings.

-Values nursing student as unique individuals who constantly responds to changing environments in physiological, psychological, social, cultural, developmental, and spiritual domains. 

-Believes nursing is an art but also applied science that brings together biological, natural, and social sciences with the caring skills to assist patients to reach an optimal state of wellness. 

-11 Month LVN program

Citrus College ADN program is accredited by California Board of RN


Citrus College NCLEX-RN average pass rate: 90.5%


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Merced College

                                     Different entry level nursing programs meet your demands

       - Merced College school of nursing includes different areas of study including nurse

        assistant, registered nursing, and vocational nursing. 

       - The Allied Health Center where nursing program is located houses with a complete       

         Registered Nursing skills lab, large computer lab, conference rooms, study rooms, and 

         multiple large and small classrooms. 

       - Registered Nursing program also has state-of-the-art equipment and software that assist

        student with learning current procedures.

       - The mission of Merced college school of nursing is instill students a commitment to fulfill

        career dreams and lifelong learning.



       Merced College ADN program is accredited by California Board of RN



       Merced College NCLEX-RN average pass rate: 86.8%

Glendale College 

                         Partnered with other schools' BSN programs          

Screen Shot 2022-07-16 at 4.24.08 PM.png
Glendale Nursing program.png

- The Nursing Program curriculum in Glendale College is designed to equip the graduate with knowledge, skills, and attitudes to function safely as entry-level Registered Nurses. 

- Glendale College has partnered with CSU Los Angeles, CSU Northridge,     CSU Fullerton that allows students to be dually enrolled in the BSN


- Also partnered with online programs such as APU, National University,

  and Chamberlain College of Nursing for students to continue their

  Baccalaureate education. 

- Friendly to international students

Glendale College ADN program is accredited by California Board of RN

Glendale College NCLEX-RN average pass rate: 96%

Angeles College 

                         offers 3-year accelerated BSN program    

- Offers a variety of academic programs predominately in nursing disciplines.

- Vocational nursing program 

- BSN program

- Friendly to international students

Angeles ABSN program is accredited by California Board of RN

Angeles College NCLEX average pass rate: 93.94%

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