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For Hospitals


We offer an exciting program that partners with world renowned physicians from all over the world for elective hospital facility tours and observerships. Become a part of our network today!


IPN Program Features and Benefits for Hospitals:

  • Increased brand equity and exposure to foreign markets

  • Tours normally last 1-3 days, observerships 1-3 months.

  • Additional service revenue with little to no additional investment.

  • Development of a medical forum dialogue and industry related networking




The observership program allows our network of physicians to take a closer examination of your hospitals for a period of 1-3 months. We have developed relationships with some of the finest hospitals in the U.S. and are interested continuing growth of our relationships. If your medical facility is interested in becoming a part of our unique network of physicians, please contact us immediately.

Short Term Visitor/Touring Program


We designed this short program for of our clientes that desire something of a mix between a simple hospital tour and an extended observership. This program involves a physician visiting for a maximum period of a few weeks and as little as a few hours for one day.


As more of an elective program, our clientes want to gain an unique perspective by visiting and touring of medical facilities in the U.S.

This type of program can be relatively easy to implement and can be a substantial revenue stream. IPN also will provide translation assistance for the visit if needed.

For Physicians


For Physcians of foreign countries, IPN offers various programs to help acquire a sense of U.S. medicine. If you are foreign medical professional that desires a U.S. perspective of the U.S. healthcare, this program is perfect.


IPN Program Features and Benefits for Physicians: 

  • Top rated medical facilities visits

  • Visa and Translation services available

  • Housing and Facility Assistance

  • Variety of Program lengths



Our medical observership program gives foreign physicians access to the finest medical institutions the U.S. has to offer for a period of 1-3 months. Observerships offer physicians an indepth perspective of policies and procedures of medical care in the U.S. In addition, we will provide Visa, housing assistance, and translation services as needed.

Short Term Visitor/Touring Program


We understand that sometimes given their fast-paced lifestyle, foreign physicians want to simply visit a hospital to examine a medical facility in a less intensive, visitor role.


In response, we have designed a program for M.D.'s to tour our network of medical facilities. Tours can last for as little as a few hours to up to a few weeks. We offer also offer translation and visa assistance as needed. Please contact us today to schedule your visit.



US-Worldwide Physician Visitor Program

We also offer a program that allows U.S. based physicians to experience the best of Chinese hospitals and experter researchers. This program will allow doctors to experience what healthcare and medical research is like in China.

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